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WP6 – Risk assessment for geothermal wells

Leader: IRIS

Other partners involved: ISOR, TNO, Statoil, GFZ


The overall goal for this work package is the development of risk and reliability analysis tools for risk assessment in geothermal wells, both high enthalpy wells and extreme temperature wells in volcanic areas. There are two main sub objectives:

  • Raise the standard of risk analysis tools for geothermal wells to a standard that is comparable to that of oil & gas wells and propose a risk management framework that can be used for any deep geothermal well.

  • Evaluate and manage risk related to the introduction of new materials and tools developed in WP3 and WP4.

Description of work

The first sub objective will be achieved by first mapping the status and availability of qualitative and quantitative risk assessment (QRA) methods used for geothermal wells as of today. Then we will evaluate which methods can be transferred from the oil & gas domain to the geothermal domain and finally develop risk assessment methods to phenomena that are not currently covered for geothermal wells, such as supercritical fluids.

The possibilities that exist for transferring risk assessment methods to geothermal wells will be identified through literature studies and several industry workshops. It is a goal to propose a full risk management process with recommended risk assessment tools for each phase in the geothermal well life-cycle. The “product” will be tested on three types of geothermal well domains; hydro-thermal, petro-thermal and pyre-thermal.

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