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WP4 – Flexible casing and casing materials

Leader: ISOR

Other partners involved: TNO, HS ORKA, BRGM, Statoil, GFZ


The objective is to redesign casing connections to allow thermal expansion of casings without risk for buckling. Standard and innovative casing materials will be tested to withstand temperature loading and aggressive geothermal environment. This objective can be divided into sub-objectives:

  • To design and test flexible couplings for casings were thermal expansion due to heating or cooling is allowed with lower strain on the casing material.

  • Neutralize thermal strain by pre-tensioning of casings before and during cementing

  • Evaluate welded casing connections to avoid weak connections with threads subject to damage.

  • To test and verify materials or material combination that can ensure long lifetime of casings. Use of cladded materials will be tested on site where thin skin of high alloyed materials forms a protective layer in top of lower cost materials.

Dernière mise à jour le 31.05.2016